Sean Hannity is disappointed with Mitt Romney’s repudiation of attacks on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his history with Barack Obama. Focus on the economy, Romney said following a New York Times story on a potential $10 million campaign against Wright funded by Romney supporters. No — focus on the economy and Wright, Hannity suggested on his show last night:

Now, Governor Romney, I have to respectfully disagree with you. Now, I do believe the economy, jobs, national security are by far the most pressing issue facing the country today. I also feel that every candidate, though, needs to be fully vetted. Now, that’s something the mainstream media failed to do back in 2008 with Barack Obama. And I believe that the President’s relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a man that influenced him for over 20 years, inspired him is a very important campaign issue. [Bold text added.]

A nod to Hannity here. Completely fair game and important stuff. If Romney’s actvities in high school are a worthy path of inquiry, then surely the Obama-Wright history is as well.

What confuses me is why Hannity cares what Romney condones or condemns. Or why Hannity would even bother critiquing other media outlets on this front. That confusion stems from a widely reported number: Fox News is expected to rake in $1 billion in profits this year.

With that kind of cash, Fox News should be barred by some overreaching governmental entity from complaining about the shortcomings of its competition in the national media. If it wants something investigated, it can fund the investigation.

I hereby assign the Jeremiah Wright file to Fox News and Sean Hannity. Deadline for blockbuster three-part series is July 15. Get cracking!