The irony: Sean Hannity in the clip above belittles David Letterman for being the “biggest liberal of late night” and for attacking Sarah Palin’s daughter. Yet he implicitly credits the “Late Show” host for drawing out President Obama on the national debt, a moment that produced the news that the country’s chief executive didn’t know the figure “precisely.”

And a programming note: Given Hannity’s lust for full participation in political combat, he doesn’t really need a conservative voice on his panels; he provides that content in oodles. Watch as he marginalizes his conservative panelist — Kerry Picket of the Washington Times — so that he can joust with Democratic strategist Bernard Whitman, to whom Hannity ultimately says this: “You are like a brain-dead, lobotomized, walking, talking-point zombie.” Election Day is getting close.

(h/t Mediaite)