Sean Hannity is at it again. Take it from the country’s foremost source on the popular Fox News host’s Todd Akin-era pronouncements: The guy is now flailing, after having helmed a couple of great interviews with Akin, the Missouri congressman looking to capture a Senate seat despite having said some moronic things about rape and abortion.

On that front, Hannity continues blasting away at the “double standard” under which only Republicans suffer for transgressions and smears. Here’s the Hannity sound bite:

“President Obama speaks out three times on the lack of civility....He’s utterly silent on Bill Maher, he’s silent on Romney being called a murderer and causing this woman’s cancer, he’s silent on the felony talk, he’s saying Republicans want dirty air and water, he doesn’t get called out for it. ”

One thing: Would Akin be a national news story right now if he’d been “silent” on rape?