In last night’s edition of “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity tells John McCain he’s going to show him “two clips.” The point of showing these two clips, Hannity explains, is to ask McCain if he thinks “the media in this country is in the tank for Barack Obama — were they in the tank for him then [in 2008] and are they in the tank for him now?” (See 5:33 in video).

Those two clips are:

1) Reporters shouting questions at Mitt Romney this week following an appearance in Warsaw.

2) Neil Munro of the Daily Caller shouting questions at President Obama during a White House statement on immigration policy in June.

After viewing those moments, Hannity remarks, “pretty glaring difference.”

Correct: In the first clip, reporters were trying to get Romney’s attention as he was walking to his vehicle. In the second clip, a guy was trying to get Obama’s attention as he was making a speech.

And one similarity: In both cases, reporters were kept at a significant remove from the big shot, such that any attempt to ask a question required shouting, which makes them come off as wackos.