For Sean Hannity’s sake, let’s hope that no one on his staff brings a harassment complaint in the near future. Because if they do, they’ll have some handy video at hand.

In a chat with Ann Coulter on the Herman Cain stuff, the Fox News Channel star talks about the evidentiary threshold for sexual harassment/hostile workplace claims. That’s where the conversation drifted into some shop talk . . . some legal-exposure-creating shop talk. Editorial comments in brackets:

Coulter: Comments overheard — not even directed at a woman in a workplace — has been used as grounds for sexual harassment. [Thank God!]
Hannity: Do you realize as friends the conversations and the things we joke about on a regular basis? What you always say about me, ‘I am your’ — don’t say it. [Yes, please don’t say it.] But you know, when you say that, do you realize in any work environment, we would both...
Coulter: No, it’s absolutely true. [That’s two sources on the work environment at Hannity]
Hannity: These people are humorless. [“Just kidding”? Haven’t heard that before in a harassment case.] And I’m not saying real sexual harassment doesn’t occur. That’s not it.

Coulter: But they don’t care about real sexual harassment, as we know from Bill Clinton...