Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) (AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Have a listen now.

Have a listen after dinner.

Have a listen just before bedtime.

If you don’t have such a chance, check out this handy abridgment to the interview, which tells us the following:

1) Sean Hannity stands to the left of someone out there.

2) Hannity usually loves to revel in chatter about principles, Americana and other highfalutin talk. Judging from his statements, Akin appeared intent on indulging in just such talk. Hannity was having none of it: Have a look at this meandering statement from the congressman:

TODD AKIN: Well, you know, since, as you’ve said, we’ve had some time for this to be giving some very serious thought to that, my sense is that I’m kind of back where we started in the primary and over the last day or two I’ve had good friends — they are as close as brothers, Sean — and as I’ve talked to them I realized there are many other brave hearts who don’t quite fit into the political parties and where the parties are right now. And I believe that there is a place for people to look for a message that’s big enough to deal with the size of America’s challenges today and the defense of the unborn and the deep respect for life which underlie American culture are very important and I don’t think we should run away from them. Let me clarify: It’s absolutely appropriate to speak of the Obama-McCaskill-induced crisis of jobs and the economy, but it’s also appropriate, I think, to recognize that our blessings came from God — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and it’s that very source of American freedom, and it’s Okay to talk about that.

SEAN HANNITY: No one’s saying you shouldn’t talk about that.

Then he launches into a list of people who have called on Akin to get out of the race.

3) Hannity really, truly, severely, massively hates the Affordable Care Act. But he doesn’t use that term for it. Over and over and over in these interviews, he suggests that Akin’s stubbornness in remaining a Senate candidate could doom the effort to kill Obamacare.

4) These two agree on one thing:

SEAN HANNITY: NBC News, this is their life now, this is their lifeblood for the next 77 days.

TODD AKIN: I hear what you’re saying and as I said, this isn’t about me. It’s not about whether I was treated fairly by the media. I assumed that the national media would not be fair and it was certainly foolish to get on that particular program.

These guys can surely formulate a more substantive media critique than this wobbly exemplar. Are we really to believe that good old Charles Jaco of “The Jaco Report” at Fox2now in St. Louis is in on the national media conspiracy?

5) Hannity wants Akin out of the race, as he makes clear many times in this 30-minute discussion, perhaps most directly with these words: ”I would put the good of the party, as unfair as it is, above whatever my personal ambition is.”

Yet! The exposure gives Akin a chance to clear his name and present a face that doesn’t come off nearly as extreme as in that viral clip from “The Jaco Report.” And so the irony is that if Akin manages to clamber back to political respectability, he may have Hannity to thank.