Last week the Erik Wemple Blog argued that News Corp. entitties shouldn’t be expected to cover News Corp. with any degree of skepticism.

And, boy, is News Corp. delivering.

There’s the Dilenschneider file, the Cal Thomas moment, and today’s full-throated defense of the home team by the Wall Street Journal.

None of those, however, challenges a certain Australian newspaper columnist for rhetorical temerity in service of the Rupert Murdoch brand. In a piece over the weekend on the scandal, the Australian’s Brendan O’Neill links the “anti-Murdoch campaign” to an “elite few.” (The Australian is under the News Corp. umbrella.)

Just who are these elite few? As it turns out, they’re a lot of people. Herewith an inventory of the groups and people that O’Neill eviscerates in defense of Murdoch’s company:

1) “A Liberal Democrat MP”

2) “socialite and journalist Jemima Khan”

3) “These excitable hacks”

4) “a tiny gaggle of illiberal liberals”

5) “various minority interests”

6) “the liberal media and its lapdogs in parliament”

7) “a collection of individuals and organisations motivated by vengeance, grubby business interests or simply a burning desire to de-fang the tabloids”

8) “These self-interested crusaders”

9) “some liberal hacks”

10) “the city-centre elites.”