Murdoch follower Michael Wolff writes in a piece titled “The Murdoch Summer: When will the end end?”:

And, too, there is a new Britain. That is, at least, a Britain in which the Murdochs have lost their power. The structure of the Murdochs’ influence has all but been dismantled — any connection to them is now toxic.

Confirmation comes from Paul McNamara, a former defense editor of News of the World who has written a first-person piece for the New York Times on the tabloid’s closure. McNamara:

I had one last assignment to complete. During my time with the paper, I had developed close ties with many charities, especially those dealing with the armed forces. Because of this, I was tasked with giving away the profits we made from the sales of our final edition. I’d never pondered what it would be like to divvy up more than $4.5 million before, but had someone asked, I would have assumed it easy.

I had to beg. All the charities said something along the lines of: “Paul, we’re grateful for everything you have helped us with over the past two years, but we can’t. There are family members of dead servicemen on our board, and they will not accept News of the World’s money.” It took me from 4 p.m. Friday to just about 4 p.m. Saturday — nearly 50 phone calls in all — to find three charities that were happy to accept more than $1.5 million each from us; I hope it serves them well.