Today BuzzFeed did a story (find the link yourself, reader) on how the Daily Mail is outgunning the New York Times on Web traffic. In its description of the Daily Mail, BuzzFeed made the point that the site ”rarely” links out to other news sites. Huh.

Tweep @paulxharris noted (find the link yourself, reader) via Mediagazer (find it, bucko) that the practice of not linking and scoring big on traffic goes against the advice of “new media experts.” So correct: I want back those estimated 195 hours that I have spent in skull sessions in hotel ballrooms, conference rooms and conference calls listening to the CW on how external links drive up your Google ranking and draw traffic to the site. I also want back the five to fifteen minutes of every hour I’ve spent in this job since summer tracking down links and pasting them into my posts.

From now on, this will be the Daily Mail/Erik Wemple Blog, with all the wonderful shortcuts that name allows.