O’Keefe, distracted. (Patrick Semansky/Associated Press)

There’ll be no attempt in this space to abridge the stories. Find them here and here and here. Whatever the substance/flimsiness of these anti-O’Keefe tales, they’ll certainly distract the work of O’Keefe and whatever colleagues he’s holding onto at Project Veritas, an outfit that doesn’t enjoy the luxury of extracurricular nonsense. A great deal of work is required, after all, to sneak a mole into a university and catch a professor on video revealing that a former student enjoys beverages with sources. A great deal of work is required to sneak a camera into a university classroom and round up boring footage. A great deal of work is required to heavily edit surreptitious encounters with folks throughout the professional world.

Deception is hard work; let’s hope O’Keefe can put this stuff behind him and get back to it.