A memo from Washington Times President Tom McDevitt indicates that a familiar face may be roaming the newspaper’s hallways. From the memo:

John Solomon will take on a number of assignments as a consultant to The Washington Times. He will provide support for various digital, distribution, audience, content and monetization initiatives. John served as Executive Editor at The Times from 2008-2009 and currently oversees an investigative news website, www.washingtonguardian.com. John will report to John Martin, Chief Operating Officer.

Saying that Solomon merely served as executive editor “from 2008-2009” sort of buries the lede. Solomon shook the Washington Times by its red-brick shoulders, launching new Web initiatives, purchasing lath and plaster to build a stronger firewall between the newsroom and the editorial apparatus, and generally serving as an ambassador for the newspaper. He left under circumstances strange even by the standards of the Washington Times.

A source indicates that the consulting work stems from an agreement that Solomon reached with the paper to settle legal issues surrounding his departure in 2009. It does not appear to be a prelude to Solomon’s re-taking the editorship of the Washington Times.

Here’s the balance of the memo:

David Jackson will support the company’s interests in expanding international markets for The Washington Times content. David’s wide-ranging experience in management and multimedia outreach includes 23 years at Time Magazine and four years as Director of Voice of America. He brings significant value in developing new global content, audience and revenue opportunities. David will report to my office.

Kathryn Cameron Porter will be engaged in international business development. Kathryn founded The Leadership Council for Human Rights in 2001 and has working contacts in the Middle East and North Africa, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Asia and South Asia. She has testified numerous times before Congress and International organizations including the UN, OSCE, European Parliament and Council of Europe. Kathryn will report to Tom Culligan, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer.

The company is fortunate to work with these accomplished individuals as we move forward on our overall business plan.