(Andrew Harrer/BLOOMBERG)

Fox News host Megyn Kelly introduced Karl Rove in a just-concluded segment by saying that Rove had had a day to think about the presidential election and was ready with some reflections. One topic that Rove apparently wasn’t ready to discuss was his Ohio-related meltdown on the Fox News set on Tuesday night.

Yet Rove was available to speak to how dark and miserable and insignificant was President Obama’s victory at the polls. The highly successful political operative reprised some of the points from his Wall Street Journal opinion piece of today, noting that Obama’s vote totals had dropped by 9 million from 2008, that his margin of victory dropped from roughly 7 percent to 2 percent, and other negative indicia as well.

All this was evidence, Rove explained, that the president “succeeded by suppressing the vote.” Neither Kelly nor Rove examined how the alleged suppression squared with the highly documented Team Obama get-out-the-vote operation.

Later in the discussion, after Rove started cycling through these same statistical points yet again, Kelly switched into accountability mode.

Kelly: “You keep saying that, but he won, Karl.”

Rove: “Won what?”

That would be the presidency.