Give this man more responsibility. (CBS News)

Washington Post’s Lisa de Moraes puts it this way: “On Thursday, speculation seemed to fall into one of two camps — the ‘Current TV Is Too Low-Rent for Olbermann’ camp and the ‘Hello? They Hired Keith Olbermann’ camp.”

Hamilton Nolan of Gawker has a solution for all of this: “He has, within him, the ability to be a great TV newsman. Sadly, his ego will never let that happen. It’s time to just. . .let him go.”

No, Gawker — wrong direction.

The only cure is to promote him. Sack all the managers at Current, all the directors, anyone with any power there. And put Keith Olbermann in charge of everything. From budgeting to set management to scheduling to recruitment to refrigerator clean-out protocol. Got a problem with expense reports? Contact Olbermann. Issues with how Current presents the news? Olbermann again. What kind of holiday party should we throw? It all goes through Olbermann.

That’s the only way to teach Keith Olbermann.