Take the eight minutes and fifty-two seconds to watch in full the video above. It’s CBS Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Lara Logan talking with a panel on CBS This Morning. The topic, of course, was the death of American reporter Marie Colvin on assignment in Syria for the Sunday Times of London. After providing several minutes of insight on the Syrian regime and the risks facing journalists on the ground, Logan takes a question from Gayle King pivoting toward the personal:

You said a minute ago, Lara, and it gave me chills when you said it again — that you were attacked in Egypt. I remember reading that story, following the details, it was very brutal, very frightening, you could have lost your life at that particular time. And I’m wondering when you hear stories about the death of Marie Colvin, and what you just described, does it ever give you pause? I admire you so much because this is just not something I could ever do and I wonder do you ever have second thoughts about it?

Logan’s response serves as an unforgettable briefing on two things: 1) the agony of a war-zone correspondent; and 2) the misery that Logan has suffered since that sexual assault when she was covering the uprisings in Egypt. With each interview that Logan gives, a fuller accounting emerges of everything those attackers have taken from her.