Yesterday Marcus Brauchli announced to The Washington Post newsroom that he’ll be stepping down at year’s end, to be replaced by top Boston Globe editor Marty Baron. One of the casualties of Brauchli’s departure is the four-year-old Post strategy paper known as “for and about Washington,” which this blog criticized yesterday as a weak-kneed muddle that can justify just about any content strategy out there.

At the time of its release, “for and about Washington” was a big deal. The top brains at The Post huddled for months to produce the thing, a process that included an assist from Harvard Business School.

So what does incoming Executive Editor Martin Baron think of “for and about Washington”?

The concept of “for and about Washington,” is familiar, based on his discussions with Post ownership, Baron told the Erik Wemple Blog today. However: “I haven’t read through it, so I will have to do that.”

No, no — don’t poison yourself, sir!