In case you missed it---NBC, the Zimmerman tape editing, and the network’s committed skeptics.


*So how happy is Pat Buchanan with the prevailing narrative that Watergate was about a patriotic anonymous source and two young reporters from The Washington Post unearthing a huge story? Not at all, and the new book by Max Holland — “Leak: Why Mark Felt Became Deep Throat” — gives him just the opportunity to vent:

If Felt was a hero, why did he not come forward to tell the country what he had done and why?

Because he was no hero.

Mark Felt was a snake. He used the Post to destroy his rivals and advance his ambitions, and the Post didn’t care what his motives were because Felt was assisting them in destroying their old enemy.

Yes, indeed, the finest hour in American journalism.

*Newspaper analyst John Morton, writing in AJR, warns the latest round of newspaper buyers NOT to slash costs at their new properties:

That’s a truly bad idea. The principal reason the new owners bought the papers is the lingering value of their strong newsgathering franchises, still the most dominant in every market despite rampant layoffs and downsizing, and still the most crucial asset when it comes to seeking customers online and on mobile devices.

Lose that and there’s nothing left.

*And Alan D. Mutter says that the conventional wisdom about the ratio of print losses to digital gains has been underestimated. Far from the 7-to-1 ratio reported by Pew, it’s actually 22 to 1.

*Rush Limbaugh is leaving the big conservative talk-radio station in Philadelphia. Oh, another move prompted by the Sandra Fluke controversy? Not “directly,” says the New York Times.

*Gawker goes counter-eulogistic on Mike Wallace, saying that the guy was a newsreader and that his producers were journalists. (h/t Mediaite)