In case you missed it---NewsBusters, the Web arm of the conservative Media Research Center, has done strong work on the NBC Zimmerman tape-editing fiasco. It was the first to spot the gaffe and kept following the story as it developed. Then it lapsed into rooting for it.


*Craig Silverman of Poynter eviscerates Miami New Times and several outlets for publishing without adequate reporting the claim that neo-Nazis are patrolling the vicinity of Sanford, Fla., where Trayvon Martin was killed.

*Roland Martin on CNN reports on the thoughts of Joe Oliver regarding the latest developments on the George Zimmerman front. Oliver insists Zimmerman, whose lawyers say they can’t reach him, is making “some bad decisions.”

*Brian Stelter of the New York Times goes into the dynamics of Fox News sprouting a mole. Stelter notes that Fox News exmployees are historically tight-lipped and that it’s a tough network from which to extract insider information. Yet Gawker is now inaugurating an anonymous column from someone inside the operation. More evidence, perhaps, that information wants to be free!

*Joe Pompeo reports on the exit of two courthouse reporters from the New York Daily News. Newspaper cites the Personnel-Matter-Comment Exemption.

*BuzzFeed breaks down the story of the Rick Santorum dropout story — and how no one broke it.