In case you missed it — Daily Tar Heel writer Memet Walker created something of a stir when he wrote a story telling how Newt Gingrich and an aide bolted from an interview before answering even the first question. They just bailed, he wrote. The Gingrich people have a different version of events, and we have no video to fact-check the competing accounts.

Also: What happened in the editorial-writing category of the Pulitzers? Was there really a basis for no award in that designation? What do the jurors say?


*Staci D. Kramer of paidconent writes that Huffington Post won a Pulitzer on Monday and “the world didn’t end.

*Steve Myers chronicles how the Philadelphia Inquirer bagged the Pulitzer for public service, how the newsroom reacted, how the win ends a run of bad news for the paper and, well, all about the Inquirer’s big day.

*Jon Stewart on the Daily Show goes into the weeds to mock Fox dismissals of the war on women.

*Coming to film: the legendary clash between Rupert Murdoch and Harold Evans.

*Some great television on Fox News, courtesy of a profane outburst by Bob Beckel on “Hannity.”

*Perhaps the best slam yet on the Fox News Mole, by another recently departed Fox News employee.