In case you missed it---MSNBC is irked that the Obama reelection campaign has used a video clip of “The Ed Show” to assist in an attack on Mitt Romney.

Also: Caren Bohan lashes back at all the voices that say the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner is a a bacchanal of sleaze and media corruption.


*New York magazine carries a long book excerpt from Jeff Himmelman’s forthcoming book“Yours in Truth,” on former Washington Post executive editor Ben Bradlee. Among the revelations: Bradlee loved profane pushback against people who complained about his paper’s work; he could be really frank about his paper’s bad work. And this: He had “residual” concerns about the whole Watergate story, Deep Throat and Bob Woodward. He once told an interviewer:

Did that potted [plant] incident ever happen? … and meeting in some garage. One meeting in the garage? Fifty meetings in the garage? I don’t know how many meetings in the garage … There’s a residual fear in my soul that that isn’t quite straight.

That residual fear, to say the least, didn’t reside too well with Woodward, as Himmelman explains.

*Rachel Maddow and Republican strategist Alex Castellanos duke it out on “Meet the Press.” And speaking of NBC, Brian Williams gets inside the Situation Room of the White House and highlights, in the words of the central characters, what was happening during those historic photos as the raid to take out Osama bin Laden was playing out.

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*Alex Pareene comes down hard on Tucker Carlson in Salon, writing, in part:

Carlson is now engaged in giving the people — the idiotic, angry, paranoid people — what they want, which became incredibly apparent once the Caller began tackling the Trayvon Martin tragedy by launching a campaign to prove that Martin had been a thug. It was barrel-scraping racist garbage. Martin’s Twitter feed and social media presence were cherry-picked to make him seem scary because he engaged in adolescent macho posturing. It was convincing proof that Martin wasn’t as “innocent” as he seemed, if your definition of “innocence” is “not young, black and male.” Asinine race-related trolling is now a major Caller beat, naturally, because, again, it’s good for traffic. I don’t think Carlson is remotely as racist as he is sexist and homophobic, which just makes it even grosser that he’s willing to exploit conservative racism for fun and profit.

*Jimmy Kimmel ripped Keith Olbermann Saturday night at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner; Olbermann responded the way Olbermann responds. Via TwitterWhine, that is. A roundup of the night’s festivities.