In case you missed it — NBC is saying that Andrea Mitchell is being criticized out of context for her remarks about how the choice of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate was all about the Republican “base” and not about women.

* “Fox & Friends” goes after the Joe Biden’s “chains” episode. Steve Doocy says that “unshackle is a lot different than shackle.”

* On a Web page, commentator Anil Dash asks the industry to stop publishing web pages.

Obviously, I’ve written this in an old-style content publishing system, and this piece lives on my website as an old-fashioned HTML page. But if I had my preference, I’d write up an article like this, and it’d seamlessly glide into a clean, simple stream of my writing, organized by topic and sorted with the newest stuff on top. Blogs have always worked this way, but they were shoehorning this stream-like behavior into the best representation possible under the old page model.

* Reuters looks at the New York Times’ new pick for CEO, BBC Director-General Mark Thompson.

Explaining its hiring decision, NYT Co. lauds Thompson’s digital savvy, crediting how he “developed innovative new products and generated new revenue streams on multiple platforms.” In fact, this seems to be the main reason for its recruitment.

The BBC is rightly respected for many of its online initiatives. But few close to it would recognise Thompson as the visionary who has kickstarted them.

* Michael Calderone of Huffington Post breaks down how BuzzFeed is looking to make an impact at the conventions: 10 reporters, some parties, some stories.

And [Editor Ben] Smith — like other editors overseeing coverage of a heavily scripted four-day spectacle — hopes to go beyond covering the main event.

“I think the way you cover conventions is not by just writing about the infomercial,” Smith said, adding that the gatherings are “a great place to get a hold of interesting people and write about what these parties and candidates want and what the internal conflicts are.”

* Time out for workout-related media news: Self’s Lucy Danziger knocked 30 minutes off her previous best time in this past weekend’s New York Ironman competition.

* When presented with an attribution oversight by Paul Farhi of The Washington Post, Fareed Zakaria, the suspended Time and CNN talent under fire for plagiarism, came forth with this beaut: “People are piling on with every grudge or vendetta. The charge is totally bogus.”

*Reuters reports that it was hacked and a false report posted.