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Media news derivatives: Aug. 16

In case you missed it — Wired magazine may or may not be publishing future work by liar and fabricator Jonah Lehrer.

Also: is dead, again and forever.


*Ecuador grants asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

*Rupert Murdoch sends a memo to colleagues boasting of various efforts to boost compliance and ward off corruption. A sampling:

We recognise that strengthening our compliance programmes will take time and resources, but the costs of non-compliance — in terms of reputational harm, investigations, lawsuits, and distraction from our mission to deliver on our promise to consumers — are far more serious.

As one of the world’s most innovative media companies, News Corporation serves a vital role in the global marketplace of ideas. Every day, hundreds of millions of people rely on us to provide high-quality news, sports programming, and entertainment. To continue to be worthy of the trust of our audiences around the world, we all have an affirmative obligation to adhere to the highest standards of ethical behaviour, consistent with our standards of business conduct. The enhancements to the compliance function that are already underway and that we are planning will help us to maintain those standards.

This comes decades too late.

*Apple wants to place a television set-top box in your living room, and anywhere else you may have a TV. Can the company improve the stuff that actually shows up on the screen?

*Mediaite notes that in Tuesday night ratings, Piers Morgan bested his colleagues at CNN. And, of course, got pummeled by competing cable-news programs.

*FishbowlDC gets an explanation from the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein on why he declined to answer a question from Chris Matthews on who people should vote for in November.

*How good a shot does new New York Times Co. chief executive Mark Thompson have of boosting the company’s revenues?’s Steve Myers notes: “The main source of revenue at the BBC, where Thompson was director general, is an annual “license fee” of £145.50 per household. The New York Times’ sources of revenue are, well, voluntary.”

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