In case you missed it---Yesterday was themed around the Daily Caller and the conservative media. A look at the Daily Caller’s slam on various reporters who “take” material from the left-leaning Media Matters for America. And a stubborn impediment to the force of conservative media as truth tellers.


*Dave Davies tries to get a comment from Ed Rendell on this question:

If the local heavyweights associated with Ed Rendell buy Philadelphia’s daily papers, will they keep the management team that’s showed it’s willing to use them as mouthpieces for their owners interests?

Alas, Davies gets a response that Rendell is subject to some confidentiality agreement and cannot answer the question.

*“March of Progress” illustration of Obama gets taken down by New York magazine, which had used the classic evolutionary drawing to illustrate the prez’s progress on gay rights. Think it’s racist?

*Even since the phone-hacking scandal erupted last summer, speculation has centered around the possibility that News Corp. officials would get prosecuted under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), which proscribes the bribery of overseas officials by U.S.-based companies. News Corp. is based in New York, and there are allegations o’plenty that its people bribed police officials in Britain. Hence, a significant lawyering-up has taken place at News Corp. John Coffee of Columbia University tells the Guardian:

As part of its response to the billowing phone hacking scandal, News Corp has amassed the most formidable team of FCPA lawyers ever assembled. “They have appointed not just one of the best lawyers in this field, they have appointed most of the best lawyers,” Coffee said.

One thing all those great lawyers cannot do: Change the evidence.

*Jon Stewart gets rather serious in this slam against Washington’s ongoing discussions over contraception and health care.

*Publishers are vying to print Amanda Knox’s tell-all book, though they need to be careful about the whole thing, says the New York Times:

The surge of media attention that will surely accompany the book’s release — normally good for publishers — comes with risks. To some members of the public, Ms. Knox was an innocent abroad who was imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. To others, she is a cunning femme fatale who got away with murder.

*Bill O’Reilly is willing to go there with Glenn Beck on one issue: that it’s bad politics for President Obama to pick a fight with the Catholic Church. But he’s not willing to go there with Beck on the president’s motives. “He wants people on the streets...he wants that confrontation,” says Beck. “Faith is under attack, conscience is under attack, and if you continue to blow it off, it will be too late. You have me back this summer, and we’ll see the summer of ‘68. In September, if we haven’t had real violence in the streets in this country,...I’ll take you for the biggest steak you’ve ever had.”

O’Reilly’s take: “Not buying it.”