In case you missed it---Seems there’s some conflict-of-interest problems with the writings of political strategist/media maven/web entrepreneur Dick Morris in the Hill. Media Matters says that the publication is not properly disclosing Morris’s stakes in the topics he’s writing about. For instance, he wrote about Newt Gingrich’s electability — yes, he has it, concluded the author — but didn’t disclose that he’d recently done business with the Gingrich camp.

So what’s needed is a fail-safe Dick Morris full-disclosure statement.

Also: Jim Asendio, the news director at WAMU public radio, has left his post. The departure was abrupt and caught many staffers off-guard. DC Porcupine, a local media criticism site, got an e-mail from Asendio saying that he’d resigned because he “objected to working journalists meeting with donors at station-sponsored, donor-only events.”


*An American reporter and a French photographer die while covering the Syrian conflict. Marie Colvin and Remi Ochlik were holed up in a house in the city of Homs that was struck by shells. According to various reports, the shelling has left many wounded in the city, and the Syrian regime has faced pressure to stop its attacks so that medical personnel can get in and attend to victims.

Just last night, CNN aired an interview with Colvin, who was on audio link from Syria speaking with Anderson Cooper. The segment had as its centerpiece video of a young boy injured in the hostilities. He was shown having extreme trouble breathing and later died. The video is below, but click with care — it’s unsettling.

Cooper noted that some folks say such images shouldn’t be shown, “that it’s too much.” Colvin responded that she felt “strongly that they should be shown.. . . That little baby...probably will move more people to think what is going on and why is nobody stopping this murder in homes that is happening every day.”

*How come American newspaper executives never wax envious about the Russian model? Over there, online ad spending eclipsed print ad spending in 2011. Yet TV ad spending is still three times greater than the online share.

*New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie last summer declared that it was fine if comics made fun of his excessive weight so long as the jokes were good. Unclear whether this riff by Jon Stewart tying Christie’s obesity to his position on gay marriage amuses the guv.

*Surprise! Sarah Palin says there’s nothing to fear in a brokered convention. Also says that the GOP establishment, in such a scenario, wouldn’t come knocking on her door. Oh, but the people would!