In case you missed it---Why would a media critic say he doesn’t care to read anything about the life of alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes?


*Via Politico, did ABC News commit a second big mistake in its coverage of the Aurora shootings?

*Speaking of ABC News, Jon Stewart bashes Brian Ross for his “Jim Holmes” mixup of Friday morning. About the reporter’s speculation that the alleged shooter was a tea party member, Stewart pounces: “Oh, that’s a preexisting narrative. I should get that on the TV.”

*This is what a real news story will do for CNN: Ratings numbers show it trounced all non-Fox competitors on Friday.

*Libor: An explainer.

*Dan Kennedy reports on reductions of staff at the Boston Globe and its sister properties.

At the Globe, 23 people in advertising and 20 in the newsroom will be offered buyouts, while another 10 were laid off. At the [Worcester Telegram & Gazette] one person was laid off while five to 10 have been offered buyouts.

Also, early retirement offers at the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News.

*Rush Limbaugh stands by Michele Bachmann and the letter from her other lawmakers about the alleged ties between the family of State Department aide Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood.