In case you missed it — Someone on the official Twitter feed of the Fox News program “Fox & Friends”didn’t like the profile that appeared in yesterday’s New York Times. Called it insulting. But the piece was to a significant degree a summation of the programming on the show.


*Politico reporter suspended for remarks, tweets.

*Business Insider live-blogs the new Michael Calderone-Huffington Post profile of Politico, which is available only on iPad. Watch out for copyright, BI!

*The Independent credits the Atlantic with “making waves” in digital publishing. The specific wave maker here is Quartz, a new product that Atlantic Media’s Justin Smith is overseeing:

Quartz, which will launch in September, is primarily aimed at tablet users and is free of charge. It will target the international business class that lives life on the move. “If you look at the business people operating in this new economy, they are people who are in a sense post-national,” Justin B. Smith, president of the Atlantic Media Company told The Independent. “They spend more time outside their own countries, they are on aeroplanes all the time, they’re borderless and living mobile existences.”

OK, but did Smith really say “aer-o-planes”? The piece quotes Quartz editor Kevin Delaney:

“We are not focused on print deadlines or forms of content that are demanded by a print publication or a news wire service,” he said. “We are not beholden to the standard article format that traditional media organisations have to, by necessity, devote most of their energy to.”

Mold, it sounds as if you’re in trouble.

*”Fox & Friends” addresses the Pelosi-Rove situation: