In case you missed it — Derrick Bell’s widow says he never hung out with the “president as president.” And she knows of no second hug between the late one-time Harvard Law professor and the future president.


*David Carr of the New York Times highlights efforts in journalism to establish aggregation standards. That is, to guard against digital filching of content. Carr:

As custody of content becomes more tenuous, there’s a risk that we may end up passing around and putting topspin on fewer and fewer original works. This has created a growing sense of unease among both digital immigrants and natives that the end of “ownership” could eventually diminish the Web’s value.

So Ad Age’s Simon Dumenco is firing up a Council on Ethical Blogging and Aggregation, complete with all kinds of brand-name participants, including David Granger of Esquire and Adam Moss of New York. The idea is to develop a set of standards, such that organs that overaggregate and fail to link — you out there, Daily Mail? — look like jerks. Dumenco tells Carr that “we are not some tight little group of scolds.” How disappointing. ’Cause that’s just what this cause needs.

My suggestion: Put up a Web site that includes an “Aggregation Gripe” form.

Now I should move on to another item, lest I put myself in the sightlines of the Council on Ethical Blogging and Aggregation.

*Jack Shafer nails the issues at stake in the latest news at the New Republic, where 28-year-old multimillionaire Chris Hughes has become majority owner. Shafer:

Publications aren’t always “rich people things,” to pinch the wonderful Chris Lehmann’s construction. But for every man who spent part of his fortune on publications and got it all back when he sold to the next sucker, there are a dozen department store owners, real estate operators, trust fund kids, tech tycoons and hedge fund whizzes who haven’t. From the outside, owning a publication looks like a lot of fun, but there are only two guaranteed ways to have fun at a publication: writing and editing. Even if you’re lucky enough to make money off your publication, pocketing profits aren’t anywhere near as fun as producing stories.

*Funeral services for Marie Colvin are to take place today on Long Island.

*WaPo Fact-Checker Glann Kessler raps the DNC for misleading video editing that produces an unfair slam against the position of Mitt Romney on health-care policy.

*Is CNN making a play for Mashable?