In case you missed it — Do TV anchors get do-overs? Watch Soledad O’Brien try to execute one.


*Former Rupert Murdoch lieutenant Rebekah Brooks and her husband are arrested, along with several others. The charge? “Suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice,” according to police. That wording suggests that they could be in trouble for covering up the phone-hacking scandal. Given all that’s come to light since early July of last year, why on earth would anybody have imperiled their freedom in furtherance of a cover-up? No tarp in the world could cover this massive plume of wrongdoing.

*An issue for the media: Why has the White House stopped making wine offerings at state dinners a matter of public record? Bloomberg reports that not only don’t we know the fine print on the wines, we don’t even get an answer from the White House on its policy of wine-related nondisclosure:

The White House declined to comment for this article or to make available Daniel Shanks, the usher who has managed wine selection since the Clinton administration, or social secretary Jeremy Bernard. First Lady Michelle Obama’s office referred questions to the White House press office.

*Matt K. Lewis claims that “liberal spin” is out of touch with “liberal media” when it comes to the great contraception debate of 2012: “For weeks now, liberal pundits have been predicting the GOP’s so-called ‘war on contraception’ would be a huge boon for President Obama, politically. In actuality, it seems liberal opinion isn’t being backed up by liberal polls.”

*Just how big is Rush Limbaugh’s audience? Who knows?

*James Hagerty of the Wall Street Journal writes about his mom, Marilyn Hagerty, who wrote in the Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald perhaps the most famous Olive Garden restaurant review that’ll ever be written. It went viral, in part because it offered a lot of information in each line:

As I ate, I noticed the vases and planters with permanent flower displays on the ledges. There are several dining areas with arched doorways. And there is a fireplace that adds warmth to the decor.

Olive Garden has an attractive bar area to the right of the entryway. The restaurant has a full liquor license and a wine list offering a wide selection to complement Italian meals. Nonalcoholic beverages include coolers, specialty coffees and hot teas.

On a hot summer day, I will try the raspberry lemonade that was recommended.

*In a faceoff with Sandra Fluke on CNN, Will Cain of the Blaze compares contraception coverage to health-club memberships.