In case you missed it — Just who do famed women-bashers Rush Limbaugh and Bill Maher work with? Any women on their staffs? Let’s have a look.


*Someone at BuzzFeed goes all thinky on the practice of digging up old videos online — videos that may have been missed or that didn’t quite reach their full audience in their heyday:

This is a new category of news: “News to me.” It’s subjective, and requires in reporters an ability to stand in a kind of middle space: To have the detailed knowledge of a beat to know the context of a piece or a document; but not to be so jaded by that knowledge that they forget how much more powerful it is to glimpse a gay pride flier than to read or hear about one.

*Jack Coleman on NewsBusters hounds Ed Schultz on the topic of his speaking fees from unions and whether all of the proceeds have gone to charity, per MSNBC standards.

*Dylan Byers and Keach Hagey of Politico take a close look at the left’s attack on Rush Limbaugh. Seems as if there’s some hurt feelings at the notion that liberals would use the system of free enterprise against conservatives:

“It’s not enough to get an apology out of Rush Limbaugh. They want him off the air. He was still exercising his First Amendment rights,” Keith Appell, the Senior VP for CRC Public Relations, told POLITICO. “Trying to get someone off the air sounds like something out of the old Soviet Union.”

“Conservatives disagree, but we don’t try to silence people,” he added.

Haven’t read the Bill of Rights in some time, but pretty sure there’s nothing in there guaranteeing every citizen a national radio audience. But will check again.

*In the department of deja vu and thou doth protest too much, James Murdoch has apparently sent another letter to Parliament asserting his innocence in the phone-hacking scandal and expressing his regret for the whole thing.

The timing of Murdoch’s letter is crucial. The select committee is hoping to publish its report into the phone hacking scandal at the end of the month and Murdoch’s position as chairman of BSkyB could be threatened if it finds he mislead parliament.

*Jon Stewart fires back at Fox News’s claims that people like Bill Maher “hide” under the “helmet” of comedy to excuse their offensive comments.

*Yahoo-ABC News rocks video on the Web.