In case you missed it — So the Associated Press doesn’t like background briefings. Or so it wrote in a piece slamming the Obama administration for falling short of its government-transparency goals. But did the wire service benefit from a background briefing of its own for a scoop on China?

Also: The Washington City Paper cuts salaries across the board by 5 percent. Though its publisher claims that there are no plans to reduce staffing at this time, it’s unclear whether departing staffers will be replaced. The guess here is probably not. That situation sets up a difficult working environment. Managers don’t want to encourage underperformers to move along because they know they won’t be able to hire someone else to do the job. And hard-working employees feel guilty about moving on because they know they’ll be leaving their bosses in a bind.

Also: In the discussion about abusing women with misogynistic outbursts, can we stop suggesting that somehow it’s more okay when such outbursts are directed toward women who are public figures?


*A response from Fox News to Rick Santorum’s claim that it’s shilling for Mitt Romney, courtesy of Bill O’Reilly:

*The big White House dinner invite list was heavy on media types.

* In this Fox News segment, Greg Gutfeld takes on the issue of bald eagle killings. Watch him try to pronounce “Northern Arapaho.” It’s not that hard.

*Michael J. Fox goes on CNN to talk about Rush Limbaugh. He has some expertise on that topic.

*Philadelphia mag writes that some people have taken the buyout at the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News “under duress.”