In case you missed it---Andrew Breitbart’s form of media criticism could get mighty personal. A look back at one of his more brazen moments.

Elsewhere in the Breitbart universe:

*Steve Bannon, a friend of Breitbart’s, tells Sean Hannity that the much-anticipated Barack Obama tapes from his Harvard days will be delivered to the Hannity show within a week to 10 days. The cause for the delay, says Bannon, is that the people who are on the project are going through the tapes in “systematic” fashion. Bannon also relates that Breitbart of late had been working “24 hours a day.”

*More on that pending Breitbart Web project on which the man was crashing at the time of his death.

*Matt Taibbi’s Wikipedia page took some abuse after he dissed the rule about not speaking ill of the dead.

*AP takes a look at the question of whether you can have “ without Andrew Breitbart.” Answer: Murky as of right now.

*Jack Shafer comes up with a clever summation of just what qualified as a liberal media outlet to Breitbart: defined as anybody who took issue with him.”

*Greg Gutfeld of Fox News’s “The Five” last night commemorated Breitbart:

Everything he did he did because he thought it was right. For those who didn’t know him, man, you missed out. Even those who disliked his ideas, within five minutes of meeting him loved him. He was a big kid who treated his opponents like humans. It was never about people. It always, always about principles.

As pointed out here, Breitbart was not always the kindest soul in his treatment of opponents.

*And in non-Breitbartian developments . . . Village Voice Media, which runs the Village Voice and other alt-weeklies, just cannot seem to shake these calls that it shut down the adult-services area of its very successful classifieds portal After getting heat on the topic from law enforcement and from clergy, the company is now taking it from the New York City Council. Here’s one graph from a resolution that was introduced yesterday:

“Whereas,’s adult section is facilitating sex trafficking and should alter its current practice; now, therefore, be it resolved, That the Council of the City of New York calls on Village Voice Media to shut down the adult section of its online classified site,, because it serves as a platform to traffic minors for sex.”

*Brian Stelter of the New York Times reports that NBC is going deeper into radio.

*Some troubling media news right here. In past years, editors have used dwindling resources as a reason for coming up short on many fronts. Can’t cover high school sports the way we used to. Can’t have three people in the Washington bureau anymore. Can’t ensure copy quality of yore.

All of those are legitimate.

Far less legitimate is the resources dodge thrown about in a story posted yesterday on Poynter by Andrew Beaujon. At issue was a piece in the Miami Herald about a photographer who’d been arrested a few times over his career. The story noted the arrests but didn’t go a lot further: “The outcome of all of these cases are unknown,” said the story. Beaujon asked what was up with that language.

“We should have said The Miami Herald doesn’t know the outcome of those” arrests, [the Herald’s Pat] Andrews says. “We had not checked the records to know the outcome of those cases.”

Andrews says the mistake is a consequence of newsroom economics. “This, unfortunately, is happening to our industry, especially with a newsgathering organization like us.” When it comes to story like Miller’s, Andrews says, “we gotta hit it and move on.”

Correction: When it comes to a story like Miller’s, if you can’t complete the reporting on the cases, you gotta simply move on. And not hit. (The Herald has not updated the story to reflect the case dispositions.)