In case you missed it — Funny idea to call for a moratorium on public apologies, but Bill Maher is not the guy to do it. New allegations could distract James O’Keefe and keep him from devoting more time to deception.


*The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz writes that covering the 2012 campaign is ratings death.

At the cable news networks, including CNN, the only one to provide continuous primary coverage on Tuesday, the word is out that the presidential campaign is sending the ratings south.

Television, in short, has pretty much decided the race is over, Mitt Romney has won, the thing is boring everyone to death, and it’s time, at least for now, to move on. The campaign is occupying less front-page real estate in the major papers as well.

*Ryan Chittum of the Columbia Journalism Review plants an elbow right in the mid-section of Gawker, saying the site completely fouled up a story on vaccines and herd immunity.

*One analyst’s No. 1 takeaway from the latest news media report: “Declines in print newspaper advertising revenue are outpacing the growth of digital revenue by 10 to 1. The ‘print dollars vs. digital dimes’ challenge continues.”

*Didn’t think we needed an explanation as to why the “Etch a Sketch” episode matters, but the American Journalism Review feels obliged to provide one. FishbowlDC put a different spin on the same question.

*Greg Gutfeld endorses the apology amnesty proposed by Bill Maher. Speaking of Maher’s New York Times op-ed, Gutfeld says that Maher is trying to “present some balance” but that balance is “fake” because “the degree and proportion of vile tweets and vile jokes is huge on the left compared to the right.”

*TV Newser reports that CNN has laid off dozens of staffers as part of a reorganization of its documentary operations.