In case you missed it — Jeff Zeleny v. Rick Santorum. Much has been made of their clash on Sunday in Wisconsin. But what it all boils down to is two guys doing their jobs. Zeleny was asking a question, which is a logical thing for a reporter of the New York Times. Santorum was chewing him out, which is a logical thing for a conservative presidential candidate. Whenever you get that opportunity on camera, you do it.

Also: The Rev. Al Sharpton is showing us that an activist captaining a TV show can make a pretty limp product.

Elsewhere :

*Frontline is going deep on the News Corp. phone-hacking scandal. I’ve just gotten started, and it has me hooked.

Watch Murdoch’s Scandal on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

*Peter Osnos in the Atlantic notes that old media is adapting!

*The Corporation for Public Broadcasting passes along a grant of $500,000 to NPR for foreign hotspot coverage.

*The Orange County Register is going berserk over opening day for the California Angels. From a memo on the coverage:

We will have more than 100 writers, editors, bloggers, photographers, videographers, graphic artists, designers, advertising representatives, marketing staff members and FANS working together to contribute to the Angels coverage for desktop web, mobile devices, ipad and in print that day (and throughout that weekend).

The Angels signed Albert Pujols in the offseason.

*The next step for Greg Smith, famous for his New York Times op-ed on bolting Goldman Sachs: Cashing in on a book.

*All about Mika Brzezinski’s performance on the SATs: