In case you missed it---How hard will a company work to rid itself of a false association with the Rush Limbaugh show? Well, it’ll respond individually to 3,500 phone calls, e-mails and tweets. That’s a lot of work, but Domino’s Pizza. didn’t feel comfortable just issuing a press release stating that it had never paid to advertise with the show.


*The people at said they had a whopper of a video coming down the pike. Well, the revelations spilled out over two segments on Fox News’s “Hannity” last night. Here they are; judge for yourself.

*The British Press Complaints Commission is transforming and taking a new name: “New chairman Lord Hunt had previously announced in February that the PCC had met and agreed that it would ‘in principle move now to a new body, for the first time a press regulator with teeth.’” I pronounce myself a bit wary on this question — I worry that in its new guise, the commission may lose its expertise on the subject of anatomy, among various other considerations.

*The composition of the group of Philadelphia civic and business leaders bidding on the Philadelphia Media Network (which includes the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News and is in a state of flux. This much is confirmed: Former Philly mayor Ed Rendell is no longer the leader of the group. That role now falls to H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest, a philanthropist.

It is unclear what Rendell’s role will be going forward since he had said he was not investing equity into the group and had earlier said he expected to be chairman.

Lenfest is a former chairman of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and his patronage has included gifts to the Curtis Institute and to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, which last year inaugurated Lenfest Plaza, a public space for performance and sculpture at Broad and Cherry Streets.

*Keith Olbermann rails against the “false equivalency” in the Rush Limbaugh debate. News here is that Olbermann is going to hold himself to a higher civility standard and will stop doing his “worst person” segment.