In case you missed it---Some say a gaffe by Vice President Joe Biden forced President Obama to out his own views on gay marriage; others say the rollout was more of a strategy. Whatever the case, an assist in the whole process goes to the White House press corps.

Also: Jonah Goldberg is steeped in journalism and media stuff. He has also never been a Pulitzer Prize winner or a nominated finalist for one. Meaning that his name should be kept far away from any mention of the term “Pulitzer.” And he should know that.


*USA Today’s Gregory Korte reports some movement in that odd story about the USA Today reporters who were investigating the Pentagon’s overseas propaganda efforts and became targets of propaganda themselves. Remember that one? Not long after he burrowed into the story, USA Today’s Tom Vanden Brook found that someone had begun tinkering with his online image. He had a “bogus website, Facebook profile and Twitter feeds created in his name. The sites disappeared once the Pentagon made informal inquiries,” writes Korte. Now Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) is stepping into the mix, asking for an investigation into the online shenanigans, which he termed a “possibly criminal disinformation and reputation attack.” He also made some noise about an amendment to cut off funding for the Pentagon’s propaganda campaign.

*NewsBusters specializes in criticizing liberal leanings on outlets like MSNBC, NPR and the like. But right now it’s laying into Fox News for Shepard Smith’s editorializing in favor of President Obama’s remarks on gay marriage. The site called the episode “Unfair and One-sided.” “Following the official announcement that Barack Obama now supports same-sex marriage, Smith opined that the President of the United States is ‘now in the 21st century,’ suggesting of course that the near half of Americans who support traditional marriage are somehow retrograde.”

*For more of a classic Fox treatment of Obama and gay marriage, this Hannity segment will do:

*Sources are telling Joe Pompeo of Capital New York that the New York Daily News is working on a national Web platform, something called Daily News America.

A U.S. news site would capitalize on the types of click-friendly national stories, picture galleries and celebrity news that have become standard fare on over the past year or so, and could help the News maintain or expand the already comfortable gulf between its monthly traffic totals and those of archnemesis the New York Post.

*Atlantic Media is essentially moving away from Web strategies that capi­tal­ize on search traffic. Says the organization’s digital boss: “We’re no longer writing to get the attention of Google algorithms. We’re writing to get you to share it, to digg it.”

*A bit of tough news for CNN in Tuesday night ratings.

*Staci D. Kramer reports on News Corp.’s costs in the phone-hacking scandal: “Overall in the first nine months of fiscal 2012, costs related to the ongoing investigations dating back to the closure of The News of the World last summer have run to $167 million.” Pocket change, that is, to a company like News Corp., which reported $8.4 billion in revenue for the last quarter. More Kramer: “It’s not the kind of hit you might expect on a company being bombarded with negative publicity in a very public way.”

*Mallary Jean Tenore digs into the ins and outs of ABC’s big news-making interview with President Obama.