In case you missed it---NBC’s just fine with David Gregory giving a keynote address to the National Federation of Independent Business, a group that leans decidedly Republican. Key point: Gregory’s not taking any cash for the engagement. Just talking.

Also: Tom Brokaw is “not crazy” about the White House hand-picking its interviewer. Not particularly opposed to it, either.


*CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield is generating lots of commentary with her supposedly tough stance toward Obama aide Ben LaBolt regarding the campaign’s negative ad against Mitt Romney over his Bain days. Problem is, Banfield stumbles at the start and has to concede a key point to LaBolt. Then, then! She screws up the Washington Post fact-checking Pinocchio system.

*Rob Curley, Web news evangelist and PowerPoint master, is departing the Las Vegas Sun.

*Current TV’s Bill Press talks to Mediaite about his work with the network and about Keith Olbermann.

*CNN’s Lizzie O’Leary gets on “Jeopardy!” — and live-tweets it. More from Mediabistro: Atlantic has signed up Martha Stewart for its May 24 Food Summit. Let’s just hope her contributions don’t overshadow those of Chris Novak of the National Pork Board. Those Atlantic people know how to do confabs, huh?

*Poynter writes about how new USA Today publisher Larry Kramer will now get to apply all the cool thoughts he’s been generating for some time now, including this one:

Forget the newspaper industry. Let’s launch the News Industry. Say hello to News Inc. Let’s do what every industry does: Identify consumer demand and meet it.The good news is that consumers are just learning all the new ways they can get news and are still figuring out what works best for them. There is still time for those of us in the news industry to work with them and find out at the same time.

More on Kramer from The Washington Post’s Steven Mufson, who wonders why this guy — already really rich, already really accomplished — would take on the job of shoring up this “thin” and “troubled” paper. Because “this is like a Gutenberg moment,” responds Kramer.