In case you missed it — Chris Hayes does a great show on the meaning of Memorial Day, slips up for a few seconds and gets hammered. For a full-throated defense of Hayes, try Conor Friedersdorf on He, too, appears to have watched the entire “Up with Chris Hayes” broadcast that included the host’s “heroes” moment.

Also: Henry Blodget tells us just what he was thinking when he posted that inquiry on the sources of anti-Semitism.


*Mathew Ingram of GigaOm tells why Warren Buffett’s recent proclamations about the challenges and horizons for local newspapers ”shouldn’t fill anyone with confidence.” Ingram writes:

It could be that Buffett sees the future of local newspapers as one in which readers cannot access anything without paying for it, and hopes that the strength of connection those papers have with their communities will convince large numbers of people to sign up for a paywall — thereby turning each paper into a tiny version of The Economist or the Wall Street Journal. But without some kind of turnaround in both print and digital newspaper advertising, those businesses are likely to be much, much smaller than they are now.

*Former Patch editor in chief Brian Farnham takes a look at the state of hyperlocal journalism via an examination of Journatic, an operation that struck a deal with the Tribune company to do some online community news.

While it’s fair to point out these or any other flaws and judge the current Journatic product based on them, what isn’t useful is citing them as proof of a fatal approach or mustache-twirling exploitative intent. At least not yet. Journatic’s data-driven, cost-effective model may be off-base, but the attempt is a very good thing for everyone who cares about this space, since the hyperlocal market hasn’t yet produced a perfect “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter” admixture.

*Slate looks back at a 2008 piece in the New York Times that said that Obama “dabbled” in marijuana during his high school days. As a new biography points out, that term underplays the reality of the young Obama’s relationship with marijuana.

*Newspapers may be dying, but they can still design some impressive front pages.

*Jon Stewart has some fun with Roger Ailes:

*Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher publishes some video of a deep discussion with the late Andrew Breitbart et al.