In case you missed it — Politico issues a helpful editor’s note atop its story about Barack Obama’s “New York girlfriend.”Also on that same topic: Politico White House reporter attempted to shame for its story on the “New York girlfriend” piece by suggesting that it’s missing a larger story here. Alas, there is no larger story here.

Also: Shepard Smith made an awesome little remark on Fox the other day. Worth checking out again.


*This blog has been on occasion dismissive of the goods that the Former Fox Mole has made public on Gawker about his former employer, Fox News. He did a piece on the bathrooms at Fox News; a piece on Sean Hannity and teleprompters. Not much “insider” content in those, though the story of how ALF came to appear on Bill O’Reilly’s show was spectacular.

But who cares what some critic thinks?

The book industry is happy enough with the promise of Joe Muto’s work that, according to Gawker, has bagged a low six-figure advance.

*Michael Wolff speaks for all of us with his “juicegate” story — about how he got busted for carrying illicit, privately purchased juice into a movie theater. He fought back via gumption and Twitter:

And there are those — one a day? Two, maybe? — who are cranks like me: polemical recreationists and authority-phobes, no doubt looking for some kind of personal vindication and acknowledgement. The obnoxious know-it-alls. Few, however, are obnoxious enough to push this as far as having the police come.

*Sean Hannity continues his attack on the Occupy movement:

*Politico reports that the Fox News office of Roger Ailes is an important stop for GOPers:

In Washington and New York, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) regularly speaks with the 71-year-old Ailes, a confidant of more than two decades, aides said. A Fox News spokesperson said Thursday Ailes and McConnell have spoken three times in the past year.

We’ve known that Ailes likes to confer with Republican power brokers. Even so, this story, via the quote below, adds some spice to this pot of knowledge:

Freshman Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) said Ailes wanted to meet with him after several appearances on Fox. West described his recent meeting with Ailes this way: “I’m kind of like a new shiny toy he could play with for a little while. … And that was it, and he could throw me back in the corner.”

*AP apologizes for firing reporter over scoop. A scoop from World War II.