In case you missed it---Are veteran journalists too even-handed, too judicious to serve as effective union advocates? Judge for yourself.

Also: What, no celebrities at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner? Association president says she wouldn’t want to lay down that particular law.


*A hoax! Various news organizations, reports MSNBC, fell for a story about a jilted Polish woman who was rumored to have yanked all the teeth from the mouth of her ex-boyfriend. From the MSNBC piece:

News websites around the world ran the story last week about a woman in Poland named Anna Maćkowiak who took revenge on a man named Marek Olszewski when he turned up at her clinic complaining of toothache, days after dumping her for another woman.

The story described the guy as having woken up to find he had no teeth. Too good to check, as they say in the trade. Various authorities in Poland all told MSNBC that there’s no truth to the story and that most Polish online outlets “left the story alone.”

*Journalists departing for another job often say glowing things about the institution they’re leaving. That’s not happening in the departure of Wendy Ruderman from the Philly Daily News. “I hate to say it, but if people at the Daily News aren’t looking, they should be. If they’re not, it’s kind of stupid. … This place is rudderless.”

*More commentary on comments sections:

Comments sections, in fact, are just another way for publishers to commodify readers, and to many publishers, the angry, illiterate readers are no less valuable than sane, thoughtful ones. If comments sections didn’t drive pageviews, you can bet that most publishers would get rid of them. In fact, most of what newspapers do on the web is driven, not by reader empowerment, or even journalist-empowerment, but by the short-term quest for pageviews.

*FishbowlDC’s Betsy Rothstein bashes Chronicle of Higher Education Editor Liz McMillen for letting a “wild flash mob” dictate the fate of Naomi Schaefer Riley, who’d written this.

*British Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly texted embattled News International exec Rebekah Brooks last year, just as Brooks was facing scrutiny over the phone-hacking scandal. The text advised Brooks to keep her spirits high, according to a new biography of Cameron.

*Jon Stewart, riffing on Joe Biden’s endorsement of gay-marriage and “Will & Grace,” talks with John Oliver about sitcoms and the worldviews of top officials. The segment makes clear that comedy is the only format that can appropriately address the Obama gay-marriage issue.

*In an interview with Piers Morgan, Jon Lovitz, author of a famous rant against President Obama’s attempts to get more taxes out of the rich, blames people for getting into mortgages that they couldn’t afford: