In case you missed it — Bloomberg’s big story on Koch Industries Inc. included a significant segment on the dealings of a Koch foreign subsidiary with Iran. That’s fine, except for an important point: The rest of the story documented wrongdoing of one sort or another by the multinational firm; in the case of Iran, there was nothing but compliance with very tight export restrictions. Why lump these two?

Also: Megyn Kelly of Fox News came up with the most amazing question/statement/string of words in the history of television. Or at least the history of cable television. Definitely in the 15-year history of Fox News.


●Gawker writer Richard Lawson is leaving the news-cum-gossip site to work for former Gawker editor Gabriel Snyder at Atlantic Wire.

●More on Ron Paul and media bias. In a letter to Sevierville, Tenn.’s Mountain Press, one Michael Wood laments that Paul can’t get the media to give him the attention he deserves, a line of argument that dates back to midsummer:

Has anyone noticed a disturbing trend in media coverage of Republicans? Candidate Ron Paul and his message are being systematically ignored by the media, right and left. He almost always polls in the top 3 or 4 candidates statewide and nationally.

Every month, a new face is leading the pack — Palin, then Trump, Bachmann, Romney, Perry, and now Cain. Not only did Ron Paul win the California straw poll held in September with 45 percent of the vote, but he just won the Value Voters Straw Poll held in Washington, D.C., with 37 percent of the vote over Cain’s 23 percent and Romney’s 4 percent.

●Some hilarious media stuff coming out of the Isaacson book on Steve Jobs. As in, this Jobs lecture to Rupert Murdoch on Fox News:

You’re blowing it with Fox News. The axis today is not liberal and conservative, the axis is constructive-destructive, and you’ve cast your lot with the destructive people. Fox has become an incredibly destructive force in our society. You can be better, and this is going to be your legacy if you’re not careful.

Had Jobs ever bothered to look at the ratings? And what’s with this constructive-destructive axis? If that is the new axis, why is this the very first I’ve heard of it? Perhaps I don’t have my Google alerts set properly.

Check Google right now: There doesn’t appear to have been tons of discussion on the Internet of the constructive-destructive axis, outside of this recent revelation. A lot of the search results are, like, technical stuff. For example, here’s an excerpt from a presentation titled the “Propagation of Waves”:

All electromagnetic waves can be superimposed upon each other without limit. The electric and magnetic fields simply add at each point. If two waves with the same frequency are combined there will a be a constant interference pattern caused by their superposition. Interference can either be constructive, meaning the strength increases as result, or destructive where the strength is reduced. The amount of interference depends of the phase difference at a particular point.

So it’d make sense if Murdoch had no idea what Jobs was talking about when he brought up the constructive-destructive axis.

●Rick Perry receives a question about President Obama’s birth integrity and shuts down the reporter with a scowl. “Distraction,” he says.

● says that The Washington Post got dissed by the White House following its in-depth story about how the administration has fallen short in remedying the housing crisis.

●Must-see video for any media maven:

●Small wonder: Users of tablets enjoy using the devices to consume news but they really don’t enjoy quite as much paying for the news. (Thanks, Mediagazer)