In case you missed it: Despite portrayal on numerous Web sites, that wasn’t “audience” applause when Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul if he’d just let an uninsured man die. Just some outlying hecklers. According to Fox News, “The Rogue” author Joe McGinniss says he’s “too busy” to go on Fox News.


*Wow, talk about preemption. Johann Hari of the Independent writes a stunning and rather wide-ranging apology for various journalistic sins — including extensive quote-doctoring — that he’s disclosing. It all makes for good reading. Check out the Wikipedia stuff:

The other thing I did wrong was that several years ago I started to notice some things I didn’t like in the Wikipedia entry about me, so I took them out. To do that, I created a user-name that wasn’t my own. Using that user-name, I continued to edit my own Wikipedia entry and some other people’s too. I took out nasty passages about people I admire – like Polly Toynbee, George Monbiot, Deborah Orr and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. I factually corrected some other entries about other people. But in a few instances, I edited the entries of people I had clashed with in ways that were juvenile or malicious: I called one of them anti-Semitic and homophobic, and the other a drunk. I am mortified to have done this, because it breaches the most basic ethical rule: don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you. I apologise to the latter group unreservedly and totally.

The funny part comes when Hari administers self-punishment for his crimes against the Fourth Estate. First, he’s going to return his George Orwell Prize, though he concedes that’s not “much” because the custodians of the prize are inclined to snatch it back anyhow. Then he’s going to take an unpaid leave from the Indie and take a journalism training course on his dime.

Hey, like, how is a journalism training course going to cure the ills of Johann Hari? A look at his own disclosures shows that his sins are sins of character, not training. Does he really need some instructor to tell him not to libel someone on Wikipedia?

*Getting really tired of the “This exists” Internet meme.

*Former and controversial TechCrunch master Michael Arrington is circling around a new perch, according to the Wall Street Journal. (Thanks, Mediagazer!)

*Ron Paul makes Fox News squirm. That’s the conclusion reached by TNR’s Walter Shapiro after going on a Fox News-watching binge. Here’s a quick take:

When I began this undertaking, I was braced for a bacchanalia of Michele Bachmann coverage. Less than two weeks earlier, she had been the toast of conservatives after winning the Iowa Straw Poll. But I had failed to appreciate just how quickly the enthusiasms of Fox News would shift. Without a major gaffe or gotcha moment, Bachmann was almost entirely absent, like a Red Army general excised from the Great Soviet Encyclopedia after being purged by Joseph Stalin. She was almost never pictured on screen, even though she was on a four-day campaign swing through Florida. When her name came up, it was usually coupled with a glib dismissal of her chances.

Good stuff, as far as it goes. But if Shapiro spent 50 hours watching Fox over nine days, as the story states, I want more, way more than just a dozen paragraphs!

*Fox News legal eagle is caught drinking apple juice on air, from a gauche bottle no less.