(Charles Dharapak/Associated Press)

The Hill cross-checked academics who have been quoted in news articles with Obama’s donor list and eliminated those who worked in prior Democratic administrations. The half-dozen professors detailed in this article do not mention their political affiliations in their bios online.

And the tell-tale moment: “A similar search for Romney donors did not yield any results.” The professors interviewed by the Hill profess that they didn’t “tell reporters that they had donated to Obama, but would have had they been asked.”

To its credit, the story cites journo-ethics expert Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute as saying, “I’m surprised you didn’t find more,” in light of academe’s leftward tendencies.

However you want to size or characterize the scandal of liberal professors-cum-Obama donors quoted in the media, one helpful truth does emerge from the story: Why bother with professorial experts in the first place?

One of the examples cited by the Hill is that of Garrison Nelson, a University of Vermont professor and Obama donor. Nelson is quoted in a Boston Globe piece in June about how the Obama campaign is capitalizing on the president’s auto-bailout position vis-a-vis that of opponent Mitt Romney:

Romney is a native of Michigan; his father, George, once ran American Motors before serving as the state’s governor.

“This is to hit Romney where he lives,’’ said Garrison Nelson, a political scientist at the University of Vermont, commenting on the Democratic strategy.

Now that’s insight.