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On the question of whether television was lowering itself by hiring the kids of the country’s elite, Reuters columnist Jack Shafer had this to say:

The hiring of Chelsea Clinton doesn’t so much debase the TV news currency as reveal its true value.

Meghan McCain is committed to proving Shafer right. Just have a look at the clip above, from today’s action on MSNBC. McCain scored an interview with Michele Bachmann, and she discussed the experience in a panel on Now with Alex Wagner. In the discussion, McCain fulfilled her journalistic duty in declaring that she came into the interview “skeptically.”

Something of a counter-theme then emerged:

*McCain: “I connected with this woman.”

*McCain: “I love that Michele Bachmann met her husband in college and they have this perfect love life. And I just love that they have this family.”

*McCain: “I thought [referencing the founding fathers] was a graceful way of saying I don’t agree with cheating. I don’t know, I loved it.”

*McCain: “I adored her.”

*McCain: “We both have similar high school experiences, which I loved.”

*McCain: “She didn’t [go to her senior prom] and neither did I, so I loved that, of course. I just can’t emphasize how much I liked her.”

Actually, McCain, you’ve done a fine job of that.