Cable news producers, rest at ease. If your programming is getting too humdrum, if the discussions are just too responsible, if your guests respond to questions with too many sequiturs, then dial up Michele Bachmann.

The Minnesota congresswoman and failed 2012 Republican presidential candidate appeared last night on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News show “On the Record.” The issue in front of the two was Mitt Romney’s Tuesday night primary victories.

BACHMANN: Now what we know that we need to do is make sure that Obama is a one-termer and I think Mitt Romney is the man to do it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Does that mean you’re ready to endorse Governor Romney?

BACHMANN: Well, I’ve been working very hard for the last few weeks to be able to unite our party. That’s really been my focus. It isn’t about me. It’s about defeating Barack Obama. . . .

Van Susteren tried again, and Bachmann went back to the talking point: ”My focus has been, again, not on me. I’m not the important part. Governor Romney and the victory he’s put together is extremely impressive.”

Classic Bachmann non sequitur: An endorsement would not be about ”me”; it’d be about the candidate “me” is endorsing. Yet by saying it’s not all “about me,” she makes it about her.

Despite yeoman-service interviewing by Van Susteren, Bachmann did manage to upgrade her performance vis-a-vis a classic CNN clash with Piers Morgan. When asked about her views on homosexuality, she said, ”I’m here as a member of Congress; I’m not here as anybody’s judge.”