Mike Daisey, host. (Stan Barouh/The Public Theater via Associated Press)

4) Daisey really wants media critics in the audience.

Today I received a personal message from the monologuist pushing the reopening. Jack Shafer of Reuters, who was also criticized Daisey over the retraction got the pitch as well.

Daisey tells me that he has reached out to about 10 such pundits, noting that he checks out “journalism and media blogs voraciously.” It all smells like an attempt to put media critics on a firing line, the better to blast them in front of a rapt audience.

Right, Mike? “I could tell you, ‘no’, but as a noted fabulist you’ll never know WHAT TO BELIEVE,” he writes back, sounding as close to Mike Daisey as you can get over e-mail.

Daisey says he has a history of getting invites out to those who cover the issues addressed in his productions: “For HOW THEATER FAILED AMERICA more art funding policy critics, and for 21 DOG YEARS tech and business writers. Since the retraction opened the door to media critics, I’m contacting them, especially since they commented on my work.”