This whole Gawker-Mole thing is working out well for Fox News. The benefits to the cable news channel’s PR department:

1) Fox News, despite its status as News Corp. ATM, remains a no-luxuries workplace. Humble workers populate the network.

2) Staffers at Fox News eat at their desks. Hard-working people populate the network.

3) Sean Hannity may have something of a consistency problem with respect to his views on teleprompters. Is that all you got on Hannity?

4) Fox News is staffed by a crew of badasses who’ll hammer leakers before the next morning block. Don’t mess with us.

5) Fox News initially placed the Mole on indefinite leave with pay. Fox News complies with the law of the land when it comes to its employees.

6) Roger Ailes joked with the New York Times, “I am the Fox Mole. Who cares? We have nothing to hide.” What a guy.

Lest The One-Time Mole wishes to boost the standing of his now former employer, he’d better come up with some goods. Such a promise can be found in the latest Mole posting: “Soon he will write a fuller accounting of his time at Fox and why he chose to leave in the way that he did.” We’ll be on the lookout for that piece. If it isn’t a blockbuster, we’ll have to take to calling him not The Fox Mole but rather The Fox Double Agent.