See a difference between this MSNBC clip of Mitt Romney talking about Wawa at a Pennsylvania campaign stop:

And this fuller video of the same appearance?

MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell are under fire from Sooper Mexican, Politico, The Atlantic, among others for how it portrayed the appearance. The rap against MSNBC: Its treatment plays up Romney’s reaction to Wawa’s “touchtone” sandwich-ordering system. “It’s amazing,” Romney tells the crowd. But the treatment doesn’t put his take on the machine in the context of his argument that the private sector knows how to compete, but the federal government does not. In introducing the short clip, Mitchell supposed that the comments could be Romney’s “supermarket scanner moment.”

According to a campaign source, the Romney people reached out to MSNBC over the editing of the tape. They apparently were not happy about it. We’ll see what MSNBC has to say; no response just yet.