MSNBC recently put together a spot to plug coverage by “The Ed Show” of the Wisconsin recall election:

The ad was helpfully highlighted by NewsBusters. It’s a compelling bit of cablecraft, hyping the Wisconsin watershed and featuring some sound bites from host Ed Schultz: “It’s now down to who gets their people out,” announces Schultz. Then a graphic hits the screen: “GET OUT THE VOTE.” As NewsBusters notes, that exhortation doesn’t come off as neutral and purely civic-minded: “There’s no doubt who Schultz is seeking to get out the vote for — and against. The same video is filled with images of people holding signs saying ‘Recall Walker’ and ‘Walker: Your Pink Slip Is Showing.’ ”

The ad marks yet another regrettable cable demarche from coverage of the news to advocacy journa — hold on, wait a second: No need to lecture too much here, because MSNBC told me yesterday evening that it has taken a critical look at the spot.

“The spot is being revised. The original version is no longer airing,” says MSNBC spokeswoman Lauren Skowronski.

Two days, two times that political spectrum-bookending cable nets have moved quickly to bail on in-house videos. Progress!