People aren’t done with MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell, Mitt Romney and Wawa. On his CNN show, “Reliable Sources,” Howard Kurtz yesterday said that MSNBC’s approach to editing Romney’s Wawa video had given him “indigestion.” A panel on Fox News today reached much the same conclusion.

Both look-backs repeated the common take on this incident — MSNBC’s editing didn’t take into account the full context in which Romney was expressing astonishment with the sandwich-ordering technology at Wawa convenience stores. He wasn’t just riffing about how great it was; he was using the sando-kiosk as a private-sector contrast to lame government services.

Watching the fresh attention to this aging campaign-trail dustup reinforced the rule that, whether you’re Howard Kurtz or Andrea Mitchell or Bill O’Reilly or a convenience-store clerk — we all sound foolish when we’re forced to say “Wawa.” And that may well be the strongest indictment of MSNBC to date.

Over the three minutes of the unedited videotape of Romney speaking at a Pennsylvania campaign stop, the candidate mentions “Wawa” five times. How many of those iterations does MSNBC pick up? Each one.