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The media world has to be applauding this rant by MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp against so-called “undecided” voters. After riffing on the massive amount of information available on the two candidates, Cupp diagnoses undecided malaise: “You’re either procrastinating, lazy or lying.” To which I’d add a fourth possible affliction: “You’re either procrastinating, lazy or lying, or you just cannot get enough attention.” Last week, I interviewed undecided voter Kerry Ladka, the fellow who posed during the second debate that great question to President Obama on security in Libya. I asked him how the experience affected his decision making, and he replied, “I’m still undecided, I’m leaning in a certain direction,” he said. When asked the direction of the lean, he said, “I’d rather keep that to myself.” Whatever. (h/t Mediaite’s Noah Rothman)