Sam Husseini, the guy who was suspended from the National Press Club over an incident involving a Saudi prince, says that the disciplinary action against him has been “lifted.” The decision has emboldened Husseini, as he makes clear in this statement:

I’ve been informed by the chair of the Ethics Committee that my suspension at the National Press Club has been lifted. I welcome this decision and aim to ask ever tougher and sharper questions. I hope others will as well. I had asked the Saudi ambassador about the legitimacy of his regime, but if tough questions are not welcome at the Press Club, or at other media institutions, then their legitimacy is also undermined.

Right on, of course. Yes, Husseini did pontificate and did act a bit brashly before asking Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud where on earth his regime gets its legitimacy. And yes, he did appear to jawbone a bit with the National Press Club leadership. Both of those considerations speak to a strength of the club — that it would let a guy come in and push the boundaries a bit. Congratulations to all parties.